Locked down!

We are 2 days into the launch of Silsden’s new website and things are going great. Our Silsdenbuzz facebook page has over 700 followers, (thanks to our admins from Silsden News – which has locked down the original forum thread we created to advertised our site.) and the website is steadily growing with lots of people subscribing to the forum.

Silsden’s other website have (in their usually way) locked down the posts from poononga1 about www.silsdenbuzz.co.uk and have stated that if people want to improve our website then they should talk about it here and not on their website.
(we would like to say that we don’t mind if you want to talk about their website here).
So it seem that they don’t want an alternative view from another website, but we think differently.

It was mentioned that we might be a white Elephant! In the last 2 days our White Elephant had over 1100 views and it is a very happy White Elephant.
Have a great week and spread the word.

The Old Man

Sunday 5th July 2015
Yesterday morning I legged it down to the bookies (I miss Ray’s Racing…) – I’d had a bet on. If there was an event on a weekend in Silsden it would be bound to be pissing it down first thing – and it was, so I went to collect my winnings; £2.50 each way. Ker-ching!
However, by lunchtime it were cracking t’flags for the Grand deParty so I wandered up with the kids and a couple of tins for refreshment (bought with my winnings). It were a right good do – kids playing footy, kids on bikes, kids doing exercises, kids doing stuff on t’bowling green and loads of other stuff. There were even a stand with insects, snakes and stuff – someone even got a snake stuck in their hair apparently (only in Silsden).
When I got there the Silsden Brass Band were playing – having swapped their usual uniform (kagouls) for a fairer weather version – it had a really summery feel.
After that there was a relay race for teams of 2, kids and adults. To be honest, I couldn’t make head nor tails of it, but the kids seemed to be having fun and the adults seemed to be trying to avoid collapsing.
It’s good to see nice stuff happening in the park, supported by plenty of people, and hopefully there will be more stuff in Silsden over t’next few weeks through July.
Aye it were a reet good do!
See you later
The Old Man

Na Then,

Just been speaking to a mate in the Lion about them storms on Wednesday night, and his greenhouse got shot to buggery. If we hadn’t have had them flood defences up by t’ducks we’d had ‘ave been in trouble….

See thi’ later

The Old Man




I’ve lived in Silsden all my life, and the Silsden Buzz team have said I can write about it on their new website. I thought only locals knew about Silsden but t’other day at work I was talking to someone from down South.

“Where do you live ?” they said,
“Silsden” my reply. “You probably havent heard of it”
“Silsden. Silsden ? Silsden….??” they considered “I’ve heard of Silsden, havent I” ?
“Not sure” I suggested, thinking they were perhaps a fan of world record sized onions.
“Yes. YES!” they declared “I’ve got it !”
“Silsden was on that Gordon Ramsey programme. What was it…. yeah, KITCHEN NIGHTMARES. Ha-ha, I loved that!. Especially when Ramsey was sick out the back. Classic”.
“Yes, that was Silsden” I replied. Deflated.

Why not Vincent Throup, Why not Frankie Wainmain, Why not the Lampkins. Why always bloody Gordon bloody Ramsey…

Ah well.
See ya later.
t’old man

Silsden Juniors Signing Up Day

Silsden AFC Juniors have been holding a junior signing on day today. A brilliant day with lots of great people all getting together for bacon butties, coffee and lots of help from the junior managers to get everyone’s forms sorted and filled out.

Another signing up day is scheduled for those who could not make today. Keep an eye on the Events and dates page.

Website Release

The new Silsden website is well under way.

Although nobody can actually read this yet as it is still a secret.  Alex Gill won the game of killer in the Robin Hood last night and scooped a huge £6. That’s Xmas sorted!

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