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    Here are the stats for the first few days of (4 days)
    FB Page 800 members
    Website views 1700
    Registered website members 91
    Page views 11.900
    Website not picked up by google yet.
    Correction! page 14 position 3 on Google (13 to go)

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    Here are the stat for 2 weeks of
    FB Page 1077 members
    Website views 2864
    Registered website members 105
    Website front page arrived on Google at page 18 position 5. #previous page rank was based on business pages, we are now only tracking the front page and it’s rise to the top!
    Most popular page FORUMS.

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    July Stats.
    These are the website stats for the First Month of
    FB Page 1447 Members (just over 20% of the Town)
    Website Views 4649
    Page Views 13,607
    Registered silsdenbuzz members 120

    Google rankings.
    We made a few changes mid July to improve the website, these effected our position on google and dumped silsdenbuzz into page 19. boo!!! 😉
    But then we solved the problem, and now we are back rising up the charts!
    PAGE 11 POS 2!

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