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    How about an objective discussion about a new school for Silsden and where it should go?

    People say that the sites earmarked by Bradford Met have already been built on and there is no other viable sites.

    Well there seems to me be a perfect site in the centre of Silsden that is pretty redundant and presently under used, even today: The Park.

    Why not?

    The lower part behind the childrens play areas is hardly ever used, but then most of the park is only used by dog walkers in the main and very few residents. Yes the rugby pitch is used a couple of times a month, and the bowling green is frequented and well used during most of the year, but the rest of the park is not really used like a true community facility, not like Sutton Park or Skipton Park or even Cononley Park and the pocket sized park in Steeton.

    Build the school in the park and the yound people of Silsden will have sports facilities on their doorstep, and perhaps who ever wins the tender for building the school will meet a Section 106 condition or fund the Community Infrastrure Levy to build new changing rooms?

    There will still be enough park left for the dog walkers too.
    I think it would be quite easy to re-arrange the park to suit everybody.

    ….but then it depends on the will of local government and the political powers and Silsden voted for conservative, the party that stopped building schools, but who knows, it could be an academy and built with corporate sponsorship, seems the only way nowadays.

    It would be interesting to hear other thoughts on where the school could go, I personally think it needs to be in Silsden and not located out of the community, many people have mentioned the ‘tesco’ site, but thats not really in the town and is detached but I suppose when the hundreds of houses get built down there it will be a part of the town.

    Suggestions please and do your best not to slag me off too much.

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    That’s objective alright.

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    Interesting question. I’d probably be more in favour of trying to get the park up to being that community space that it should be. Perhaps yesterday was a start ? There are so many opportunities up there – one being that old, unused, building in the middle. Renovate that, start using it (a pavilion for teas and coffees?), and maybe people would start using the park again ?

    In terms of the school – the Tesco site has some benefits, but I get your point (and traffic would be an issue, clearly). A school should ideally be where everyone can walk to (but most dont seem to even now when they are both in the middle of the village).

    Unfortunately, I suspect the ultimate location decision will be based on financial rather than community considerations…

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    Common Sense

    Im guessing this thread is aimed at the people involved in getting off their backsides and breathing life into the park.
    If not it is still an insult to those Cobbydalers who provided the cash the pay for a park for the benefit of future generations of Cobbydalers.

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    Report copied from Craven Herald sort of kills the idea from DingDong..!!!

    FAMILIES flocked to a fun event in Silsden at the weekend.
    Silsden Park was the setting for a party to kick off a series of July events celebrating the first anniversary of the Tour de France coming through the town.
    The Grand Day Out In The Park lasted six hours and spread across a large area of the park.
    Silsden Bowls Club had an open day where people could try crown green bowling, using special targets on the green.
    Silsden Storm, the town’s new under-10s rugby league team, played against Swillington early in the day, then in the afternoon Silsden AFC juniors played exhibition matches and hosted a penalty shoot-out competition.
    There were also relay races, tennis coaching on the tennis courts, a demonstration by scooter experts on the ‘rocks and ramps’, and a children’s obstacle course, run by cycle training organisation Becycling of Bingley.
    Silsden Town Band performed music, dogs showed off their ability on a special course, and West Yorkshire Police officers chatted with visitors.
    The organisers of the event, Silsden’s Grand deParty Group, said they were grateful to everyone who was involved with the event.

    Taken from C/H

    WELL DONE to the ‘DOERS’ of the Grand deParty Group!

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    Sorry this is about a School and not the park.

    In my humble opinion the event did not attract that many people, go to Steeton park on any day and it will have threefold the number that was there and I was there to experience it.

    Please this is about a School, and one thought I had because I witness on a daily basis that the Park is under used that the Park would be a possible site. The Park has never been at the heart of the community for many, many years it is not used, it would make a perfect site for the school

    It is the only viable site within the town boundaries, but it seems the town is to get bigger with an additional 200 houses off Belton Road we learn today.

    Another option could be swapping the development planned for housing on the Mill site on Elliot Street. Build a new school next to the canal on the Mill site and offer the school site for housing development.

    I instigated this thread for options as to where the school could go, no other purpose.

    So please, seriously, where could the school go?

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    it’s not a completely barmy idea. move the rugby club down to the football club & use the top part, which is really separate from the main park areas. Reasonably central. if you make Dale View; Fletcher Ave & Banklands a one-way loop you’ve got halfway decent vehicle access.

    the mill on Elliot Street is another option definitely. Or how about the pretty much disused field behind the health centre? do the schools still use that as a sports field?

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      Common Sense

      The rugby pitch will not be stable enough to build on

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    Common Sense

    Just like, lets knock the work of people who got off their backsides and do for Silsden.OK they may not be still around but they provided Silsden with a park and I am sure it will be written down that can be only used as a park.

    Have a history lesson


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    I think the Elliott Street site would be preferable. We’re already losing enough green fields. A school would just about wipe out the whole football pitch?

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    I’d personally love to see the new School built at the old riverside mill site, That way we might get a 3g pitch that can be used by both schools and parking areas that could be used on evening and weekends to bring people into the village.
    Yes traffic may be slow at drop off time and collection time, but lots safer than the traffic in the housing estates at these times right now.
    Maybe part of the planning could include kids from the cricket and football clubs use of a 3g pitch if they had one? and again parking could be used on sports clubs busy days? (sorry about the parking comment)

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    @ Common Sense

    No one is ‘knocking’ anyone, I am only stating facts, I do not see anything derogatory in my posts and am confused why you feel it necessary to bring bad feeling and negativity to the debate?

    …….back to the school perhaps?

    I agree with everything said about Riverside Mill site. There is enough potential space and structures that could be adapted with some imagination to create a unique educational offer for the children of Silsden. With the Aire View school site flattened that would make an ideal site for residential development and some income from materials reclaimed or sold off.

    What about the site up near Tannery Corner that was proposed for housing, would that have any potential as a site for a school? The kids would have wonderful views and great natural light…..?

    There must be somewhere central that could be adapted?

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    Common Sense

    Opinions. I would suggest getting rid of the park is negative.

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    The Park is still used lots, Wednesday night had 4 football teams and the rugby team all there, Lots of kids in the fenced off play area. Although there could of been many more people at the Grand drparty, it was still a good event and pointed out that some of us probably don’t use the park enough.
    But the skate park is busy every single day.
    It’s good to talk though. positive debates that are not censored! (its the way forward)

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    Actually what DingDong suggests isn’t such a bad idea!!
    The park is much under utilised and given the the long term cuts it is highly unlikely that the park will actually be representative of what a park should be for the people of Silsden.
    It could make an excellent space for a new school, which together could then be used as another building to hold events or meetings in; rather like the proposal for a new building at Wesley place/library.
    Being central everyone would have excellent access to it. The grounds could also still be utilised and a smaller green space/park could be retained and modified to suit for public use.

    Now here comes the deal breaker.. The old Hothfield School site could be re-built as a new park, retaining the swim facility. That way we get two parks, offering different adventures and activities and each serving different sides of town.
    The Aire view site can be used for housing.
    That leaves the existing long thought ‘done deal’ of the proposed green field site over at Drabble House farm area!
    Well okay i’m against green field sites been used, but we must think ‘inside’ rather than ‘outside’ the box here. You see if the proposed new school is put on that site our children would be within 65 metres of the proposed bypass if we ever get it. The bypass will be the edge of the development box!
    That site is not the best solution for our children. I do not want my children to be playing beside what will become a noisy carriageway. Further still I’m genuinely concerned about the amount of traffic carrying & collecting children to and from the school through all the housing and narrow roads to that proposed site. Further still where will they park to drop off their kids? If a car isn’t used to transport their children; some children & parents living in Silsden will have over a 1.7km walk from one side of town to the other and back again, twice a day!
    The Drabble House Farm site is not the sustainable answer to our problems. I think it will create more problems than we gain. If it has to be used; put it to housing.

    What do you think?

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