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Silsden Youth & Community Centre open day

Silsden Youth & Community Centre are ready to officially open the Youth & Community Centre on 10th December at 11am.

Peter Robinson, Silsden Mayor will be opening the centre, with 2 special guest stars, Elsa & Olaf from Frozen.

We will have various activities for the kids to enjoy and of course it wouldn’t be the same without Santa, so we have a grotto too.

We will also be having refreshments, a raffle and tombola.

So come along and join in the fun.

Christmas at the Sunnybank.

Christmas at the Sunnybank.

Support your local social Club this Christmas and enjoy these Free events

Christmas Eve, the ever popular Catch 22 are on stage at 9pm for a bit of Christmas Madness. Admission is Free and everybody is welcome.

New Years Eve, we have New City Beat on stage from 9pm. A brilliant 5 piece party/covers band playing hits from the 60’s to the present day. Followed by disco till late. Fancy dress is optional, admission is free and everybody is welcome.

Frankie and Phoebe Wainman to turn on Silsden Christmas lights

SILSDEN’S Frankie and Phoebe Wainman will be turning on the Silsden Christmas lights this year on November 27th after Silsden’s annual Christmas market.

Frankie Wainman Junior is the 2016 British and World BRISCA Stockcar Champion and Phoebe, 20, is the 2016 British Hotstox Champion.

This Years Christmas market will run from 10am to 4pm with stalls outside on the streets and inside the town hall.

The Silsden Town Band will perform in the memorial garden bandstand from 3.30pm, followed by carols at 4pm.

Frankie and Phoebe will turn on the lights at 4.30pm.


The Great Wall of Silsden

As we all know by now, the work on the walls which were damaged over last winters floods are now expected to take up to April 2017 to complete.

What will happen if Silsden Floods again this Winter?

Will we have walls to protect the road and Fields to Silsden Sports Club? The Golf driving range?

Here is a link to a recent Keighley News report with some questions answered by Mr Adrian Naylor (always helpful).

Click Here

and here is a short video of one weekends work in Japan.

August Bank Holiday

August Bank Holiday always stands out – the grand old man of Summer. The highlight of the summer holidays – casting a scornful look over it’s May bank holiday cousins. Glorious weather is guaranteed, the sun will shine and everyone will have a great time. Yet, in the shadows, lurking behind it, looking over it’s shoulder is September. August’s curmudgeonly little brother. September sends the kids back to school, brings the onset of Autumn and with it those dark nights. Yes, October has Hallowe’en and November has Bonfire Night before Christmas makes most folks happy again and the kids get excited. But it’s a grim couple of months ahead.

So, everyone has high hopes for August Bank Holiday, and no-one wants to talk about it’s depressing little brother. And Silsden is no different. The Tour de Party of July is long forgotten like a bout of saddle soreness and in the lead up to the last summer weekend a number of events are advertised as you wander up the high street; BBQ + The Look are on at the Robin, there is a Family Treasure Hunt from from the Punch and The Sunnybank has a Neil Diamond tribute and “bank holiday fun”. Yes, a last chance to celebrate the Summer in SIlsden is often in the hands of a licensed victualler.

Myself, well me and the family headed off to a friends house for a BBQ – and, as it turned out, the weather was ok, food was had, as was drink and we headed back home, past the usual group sat outside the the King, a family throng outside the Punch as kids played on the bouncy castle and past the Robin getting ready for the night’s entertainment. Looks like everyone had a good time.

And today. Yes, it’s still August, but it’s raining. Fasten down the hatches, put the fire and a film on. It feels like winter – little brother has taken over…

New Homes

Over the past couple of weeks there has been talk about new homes around Silsden, and I cant fathom some aspects out…

One of the first updates on SilsdenBuzz talked about how “Bradford Council has identified a need for 1200 new homes to be built in Silsden by 2030″ and there is loads of new info on – and if a developer has gone to the effort of putting a website together it must be worth his while. One of the pages talks about infrastructure – and it might be pretty obvious that if you are going to build so many homes (and presumably between 3,000 – 4,000 occupants ?) that you need to invest in infrastructure, facilities and services.
And this, all of this, is where my confusion arises from. Who the bloody hell does what ?? and more importantly who gets a say in where the money gets spent (and indeed, who pays!?). Do Bradford council simply say that some houses have to be built and then leave everyone else to it ?
Does the Developer just chuck in a bit of “public space” (pretty much on the edge of town as far as I can see) and then coin the profits with an apparent clear conscience ?
Also, in a “what have the Romans ever done for us” kind of way what do these local councils actually do?  Did they arrange the do in the park recently, the gala or even such things as the new Christmas tree in 2010 ? – all very good things I think most would agree and therefore they deserve our applause. But equally what about the apparent fiasco that is the “flood defence” up by the ducks and what about the debacle that was the town hall upgrade and library relocation ? Did the time, money and effort building the crossing opposite the Robin really make things much better ? Would you let whoever decided on these have further say on Silsden’s “infrastructure” ?
I’m not suggesting I know who should take credit for these things – I just cant figure it out, and it isnt that easy to find out.
Take another example, the local schools. Everyone locally in Silsden has an opinion about this including, unsurprisingly, the local councillors ( but the key part of this article is “he findings of the consultation responses will now be studied by Michael Jameson, the council’s strategic director of children’s services, who will make recommendation“. I dont know Mr Jameson but wonder if he lives in Silsden ? – it probably doesnt matter but presumably the decision will mean a local developer gets chance to build on 2 prime locations and again we’ll have talk about infrastructure and everyone will, once again, get the chance to have an opinion.
Opinions are all well and good – but who bloody does what ?