August Bank Holiday

August Bank Holiday always stands out – the grand old man of Summer. The highlight of the summer holidays – casting a scornful look over it’s May bank holiday cousins. Glorious weather is guaranteed, the sun will shine and everyone will have a great time. Yet, in the shadows, lurking behind it, looking over it’s shoulder is September. August’s curmudgeonly little brother. September sends the kids back to school, brings the onset of Autumn and with it those dark nights. Yes, October has Hallowe’en and November has Bonfire Night before Christmas makes most folks happy again and the kids get excited. But it’s a grim couple of months ahead.

So, everyone has high hopes for August Bank Holiday, and no-one wants to talk about it’s depressing little brother. And Silsden is no different. The Tour de Party of July is long forgotten like a bout of saddle soreness and in the lead up to the last summer weekend a number of events are advertised as you wander up the high street; BBQ + The Look are on at the Robin, there is a Family Treasure Hunt from from the Punch and The Sunnybank has a Neil Diamond tribute and “bank holiday fun”. Yes, a last chance to celebrate the Summer in SIlsden is often in the hands of a licensed victualler.

Myself, well me and the family headed off to a friends house for a BBQ – and, as it turned out, the weather was ok, food was had, as was drink and we headed back home, past the usual group sat outside the the King, a family throng outside the Punch as kids played on the bouncy castle and past the Robin getting ready for the night’s entertainment. Looks like everyone had a good time.

And today. Yes, it’s still August, but it’s raining. Fasten down the hatches, put the fire and a film on. It feels like winter – little brother has taken over…

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